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Guest Post: Welcome Spring & Fresh Starts by Maggie P Franz

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April, 2020

The end of last month and beginning of this month saw us at a new place in life we have never been, a place of isolation and social distancing, places coming to a stand still and mask being a new part of our everyday wardrobe. We have seen thriving businesses shut down, people working from home and families homeschooling, Seniors being told there is no graduation ceremonies to happen, prom and morp being cancelled as well. Life as we know it has been cancelled until further notice.

Will this become our new normal, our way of life for the rest of this year? I know that after things open back up people will still be cautious. My biggest question is what will we learn from this? I personally trust God for the outcome and know there is a purpose and reason for this, but what lessons will we get as a society? Will we understand that we can truly live with less and gain more? time spent with family is a blessing? and that we are far to busy a society? God is trying to show the world something in this time, He did not create it but He is allowing it to happen, what we get from it is our own personal message.

This thing called Covid 19 is scary and little is known about it but as doctors and scientists figure things out and we search for a cure, we must have faith that God has everything under control and once we are on the other side of this that we not forget the lessons we are learning in this time, God first, family and jobs/career. In our society we make time and money for what we want to make time and money for, maybe this slow down is telling us to slow down and treasure the important things in life, God, family/friendships and provisions/blessings.

Ode to Covid 19

As I Sit here writing words pouring from my head ,I thank God above for getting me out of bed.

CV 19 causing panic and delays all we can do is pray for better days.

We are forced to be still , we do not know how long this will last, how far it will go. When it will pass.

Groceries having shortages on daily wares, remember the day when we had no cares?

People are forced to stay home today, teaching their kids to learn and to play.

Uncertain times are scary indeed, but let’s take this time to share and believe , better days are ahead than the ones we leave.

Stop and remember what matters the most the Father, Son and The Holy Ghost.

CV 19 will go away and we will see a brighter day, check on your family, friends and neighbors both far and near and realize today that God is still here.

Saved To Serve A God Styled Life,

Maggie P

Many thanks to Maggie P for sharing this very relevant reflection. This post appeared in her monthly online magazine, God-Styled Life with Maggie P, which features commentaries on faith, family & marriage, and mind/soul/body, as well as her blog. New content for May was just posted; pay her a visit!

You're invited to comment below to share what you've been learning in this pandemic. Have you noticed anything rising to the surface for you in your walk with God during the pandemic? How is God helping you cope, or preparing you for the slow reopening of things?

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