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2021 Pentecost Pilgrimage in Place

For the second year, the New Mexico Pilgrimage for Unity coordinated and offered support for a Pentecost Pilgrimage in Place. This year's theme was "Send us out, Spirit!"

Last year I walked alone, which was probably a good thing. It was a heavy time. We were still in the early days of sheltering in place for the pandemic, and the cry for racial justice had reached a fever pitch.

This year, as many of the pandemic restrictions are starting to lift, it felt like the right time to prayer walk in (small) community. I was blessed to have three women from church join me in walking the neighborhood behind our church. We carried with us our own church's prayer requests and the prayer intentions and requests of other pilgrim's participating in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California, and other places.

We also carried prayers for the Spirit's guidance, and reflections to enable us to consider God's equipping, the needs in our neighborhoods and the larger community, and what God may be calling each of us to do in our own lives to further his work.

The walk we did could be done most anywhere, so I share it here for you to use if you'd like to try a prayer walk of your own this Pentecost.

Pentecost Prayer Walk
Download PDF • 129KB


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