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  • My Walking Around Life is in essence a personal journal I decided to share to keep complacency about what God is doing in my life at bay. My posts are about my journey, and guest posts (some of which could come from YOU!) are about each guest's journey.  If you have something to share, please check out the ABOUT PARTICIPATING page for more information.


  • I don't expect My Walking Around Life will blow up anyone's inbox.  It would be amazing if I post once a week, it is my goal to post twice a month, and the reality is I may only post once a month. 


  • There are several types of posts you're likely to see on a fairly regular basis:

    • Meandering Reflections: Like the post Journey of a Thousand Miles, these entries will be reflections on something that God's done in my life or put on my heart to think about.

    • Lectio: Very loosely inspired by Lectio Divina, these posts will begin with a specific image, words or phrases that stood out to me from music, art and readings I encounter.  This will be followed by an account of things that came to mind or how I felt as I reflected on the picture or words, ending with a prayer.  See Audio Lectio: I've Been Called a Lot of Things... as an example of this type of post.

    • Questionable Poetry:  I know I should leave poetry to the professionals, but I can't help myself!  I love to try.  These posts will be short and sweet, featuring some form of poem and a few sentences to explain the inspiration.  To sample this type of post, check out Unforced Rhythms.  

    • Spiritual Practices:  These posts will explore what I'm discovering in relation to spiritual disciplines, drawing from some of the sources currently on my radar.  The introductory post for this is Coming to Terms with the "F" Word

  • Commenting is an option. Make yourself at home!  I want this to be an ecumenical, open, respectful, tolerant and wholly love-based effort.  If you're here, I trust whatever you have to say will be all those things and more!


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