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There are two ways to participate on this site.  One way is to comment on posts.  Sharing your own thoughts and experiences about the post topics will let me learn from you and will inspire others who might be trying to figure out the same issues.  Many posts have some questions at the end to start the conversation, but these aren't meant to limit responses.  You can share whatever's on your heart.

The other way is to submit a post of your own.  I am eager  to feature guest posts!  I only ask that your post submissions be about you!  My approach to deepening my walk with God isn't THE approach, so I'm intentionally using more "I" and "me" than "you" or "we" in my posts.  I ask guests to  consider using the same perspective for their submissions.    


To submit a guest post, please use e-mail.  Be sure to include the name you want me to use when crediting you and the categories you want associated with your post (Reflections, Lectio, Poetry, and/or Practices) to make sorting things easier.  The ABOUT THE BLOG page briefly describes these categories.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all!


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